One Life Yacht Week

20-27 August
Saronic islands, Greece
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We provide the best full-service offerings on the market.
Premium fleet – new, fully equipped, spacious catamarans.
Full-service – full-board food menu from the chef including unlimited drinks, organized activities, and special events.

Full staff – hostess, photographer, entertainment team, chef, skipper, and dedicated ONE LIFE team leader.



7 unique days.

You may have already travelled to Greece, but sailing holidays will give you a different perspective of the Greek Islands and take you where only a boat can go.

ONE LIFE has created special holiday packages for a trip through the Greek Saronic Islands.

Each day is a different reality – from stunning islands and activities to the most incredible events.

Key Features

Our concept is simple: WE GIVE YOU MORE!
Each one of our catamarans includes a professional skipper and a professional host who are there to ensure your safety and utmost comfort.

Your every need will be met with professionalism and a smile!

You will enjoy freshly prepared Mediterranean breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of your stay.


Your needs are met on-demand:

You do not need to worry about a thing.

We have thought of everything!

You are here to relax, enjoy and have fun! 

What People Say About Yacht Week

“This will be in my memory for a lifetime!
Only with ONE LIFE it is possible to feel life in the moment, which takes your breath away and sometimes you can just soar over the earth as superheroes!”

Eugene Shynkarev

I really liked the atmosphere on the trip to Seychelles! So much fun, smiles, warmth, crazy emotions!!! I had a complete reboot! 💚 I thought the beauty of nature would shock me the most on the trip, and it certainly did. But the atmosphere impressed me even more!!!))

Julia Matyash

I have been with ONE ⭐️ LIFE since 2018. During this time I’ve gone on 10 bright and exciting trips with them. I love these guys. The scale is always astounding. What they do is unique. They organize 60-130 people from all over the world, making everyone feel comfortable and good. It’s a huge job of their entire powerful team. I love and respect you.

The brightest parties, the most cheerful mood, the exciting impressions, and emotions.
In these travels, I met a huge number of amazing people who I fell in love with for life.

Elena Ogloblina

“When I did my first trip with One Life to the Maldives in January 2021, I knew at once it was love at first sight) And here I am 4 months later again on Yacht Week Turkey, and it is not my last trip – but only the beginning. With each new trip the feeling increases, the emotions are off the scale. Everything was super, the level of preparation and organization is a godsend 😃 One Life – you are awesome, you bring people laughter and joy 👏🏻 Thank you 🙏🏻”

Anna Bulgakova

Getting to know OneLife in early 2020 was one of the coolest twists and turns of my life. Definitely reaching a new level of travel, and found lots of new friends and like-minded people. The photos from the recent expedition to Namibia are a great ending to this year.

Vlad Tumanov

I’ve been with One Life since 2014. Nepal, yachting in Greece and Georgia in 2021! I have only positive reviews and pleasant memories. The guys do not stand still and every year improve service, organization and travel programs. The concentration of successful, open, cheerful, intelligent people who also share a trip with you is off the charts! Many of them become your friends for many years! In general, it is impossible to tell everything, you have to feel it, or rather to live it! I recommend it! 👍

Serhiy Tatarenko

Everything was awesome while yachting in the Seychelles!

The people around created an atmosphere of trust and warmth from the first day, which is the most important thing! The special thing for me was that you come back on board like you come home to your family ) everyone on the board is supportive, caring and worried about each other.

Journey with OneLife into the heart ♥️

Nadia Kulibaba

After visiting the Yacht Week only positive and maximally bright emotions remained! The route was unrealistically beautiful and unusual, as for this area. I advise everyone to travel with ONE LIFE not only because of the high quality of service, but also because of the very cool atmosphere and surroundings!

Denis Davidovich

My husband and I had an unforgettable vacation. It was actually very bright, cool, unusual and atmospheric. Thanks to all the organizers, everything was at the highest level. You won our ♥️♥️ We are already preparing for our next travels with you😍

Alla Plamadeala

I’m in love with the sea and sails.

With ONE LIFE, for the price of an ordinary all-inclusive, you can have such an adventure, such a fairy tale! I couldn’t believe every day that all this is real and not a dream and that it can be so beautiful, magical, and fabulous. It’s up to us to choose how we live and what we believe. What our days and dreams will consist of.

I liked the program and the richness of the activities too! It seems to me that the special feature of such a holiday is the atmosphere and the people, and the beautiful places, the sea, and the yachts help to complete it all with incredible impressions!

Gennadiy Bazhenov

The event of the last week was not just yachting, beautiful location, mountains 🏔 sea 🌊 and good weather. No. This is just a small part of the magic that happened.

This Event is the synergy of over 100 people in one moment. And not just for a moment or an hour. More than 100 energetically strong people created a moment long in 7 days, charging and supporting each other. 

Because the moment was built by the combination of this particular set of people and their current energy. This is what makes the moment truly WONDERFUL.


Best trip of my life ❤️ I liked everything from the organization to the atmosphere))

Victoria Solovey

It is impossible to describe in words the emotions I had during ONE LIFE YACHT WEEK every day.

The feeling of ultimate happiness! When you are in love with this life with every cell of your body!

When you don’t want to go to bed so you don’t miss a minute of these moments!

And all this is in an incredibly beautiful place with your favorite music, under the stars or sunny sky and with the most wonderful people!

I wish everyone from the heart to experience this feeling!

Yachting with your friends is great, but yachting with One Life is a bomb that explodes on the first day of vacation and pieces of it reach each participant throughout the week 🙂

Lena Noskova

It was my brightest week with ONE LIFE!

Unforgettable experiences, emotions, these were days of inexpressible energy, drive and partying till morning.

The spirit of the sea, skipper, breeze and wind gave a new vector to develop!

Everyone became so close!

Roman Evdasev

I went to the Himalayas with this company in 2015 and, frankly speaking, it was the coolest trip ever. All thanks to the well-coordinated team who prepared amazing and interesting routes. We are still friends with many of the guys. If you want to make your trip not unforgettable, travel with One Life.

Lubomir Revera

YACHT WEEK was beautiful, unbelievable nature, interesting people, unforgettable impressions and overwhelming emotions😍🥰

It was a magical week 🔥🔥🔥

ONE LIFE is a space rocket in creating and organizing travel – it is a fact ❤️🚀

Anastasia Korinets

I have traveled with OneLife more than once. Every trip is filled with 💯% emotions.

Carefully designed routes, daily activities and pleasant surprises – all this makes for an unforgettable vacation.


Holidays with OneLife are life moments to remember 😍

Serhiy Vlasyuk

Best travel community in Europe!

Their Yacht Week is fabulous. I recommend it to the fans of traveling and adventures.

Everything was perfect, and most of all I loved the awesome organization and the general atmosphere of friendliness and kindness ❤️ It’s impossible not to fall in love with this atmosphere!

So, the One Life team are mega-professionals, this was confirmed once again in Turkey! Conducting yachting during a full lockdown deserves a big round of applause! 👏👏

Yuri Martyniuk


Home US
Home US

Saronic islands are one of the most impressive destinations in Greece and the Mediterranean Sea. These islands have long attracted writers, artists, and other creatives who would draw inspiration from their beauty.

We will visit 4 islands: Aegina, Poros, Metana. And of course the Gem of Greece – Hydra island.

The picturesque little island of Hydra has often been compared to Italian Capri for its elegance and natural beauty. But Hydra is less crowded than Capri and there are no cars or vehicles, so you can get around with a horse or donkey. And it’s truly fascinating.

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How It Works

Our guest often says that it was the best week in their life.
But how exactly does it work?

Step By Step

Choose your Crew. <br />Sail with a Group or join a shared Yacht
Choose your Crew.
Sail with a Group or join a shared Yacht

Sail with a group or join a shared yacht

There is an option to book a yacht for up to 10 people, a cabin for 2 or a spot for 1.
When inviting friends for this unforgettable experience.

Full yacht

You can book an entire yacht and it’s always the best way and best value.

Cabin or Solo

You can book a Solo Spot for one person or a cabin for 2 people. The Solo spots booking depends on the availability of the yacht at the moment of booking. Be aware that the booking of a solo spot means you will share a cabin with your new mate. The assignment of solo spots are made with same gender people.

Choose Your Yacht
Choose Your Yacht

All our catamarans are premium segment yachts. It means that the catamarans are not older than 3-5 years, and includes all necessary facilities for comfortable leisure and accommodation. Each cabin has a personal WC, AC, and modern lounge areas on the decks

Pay and sail
Pay and sail

Be sure, your choice is the best value:

  • Spot – from 1 990 €
  • Full cabin – 3 780 € (-200 €)
  • Full yacht – 15 520 € (-500 €)

Please mind, that:

  • You can come without a wallet.
  • No extras, no hidden costs.
  • All is already included.


A week on a comfortable catamaran
A week on a comfortable catamaran
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Only premium catamarans 40-45 fts.

Professional skipper
Professional skipper
More +

The best professionals. Safety is our first principe onboard.

More +

You don’t need to worry about refueling and fuel consumption. Yacht will go in your desired route. Fuel? This is covered by us.

Final cleaning
Final cleaning
More +

The final of your journey should be wonderful. Cleaning? We will take care of this.

More +

Every Yacht comes equipped with a dinghy-boat anytime you need to get to shore.

Bed linen & Towels
Bed linen & Towels
More +

Leave those towels and sheets at home, we’ve got you covered.

More +

We create signature events with a private atmosphere and stunning locations for every journey. Be sure to prepare your best outfits!

Entertainment & Activities
Entertainment & Activities
More +

You will have fun! Our famous host will take care of this!

On-board hostess services
On-board hostess services
More +

Our brilliant hostesses will care of you onboard.  During all week!

More +

Lifetime memories in the best Mediterranean locations – you will have a lot of pics to post it or show to your family and friends

So, what is waiting for you:

Distinctive islands, historical cities, architecture, and heritage of ancient civilizations. Breathtaking nature which is worth your exploration.
7 days on board of comfortable catamarans. This is better than any hotel even on the first seaside line. Your sea is at arm's length. The best bays and beaches. You are explicitly in heaven.
Enjoy the various activities we offer: from morning yoga and sports to parties on the sea and best coast locations
After experiencing the Yacht Week, you will have a lot of new friends. You're welcome to the community of great open-minded people
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ONE LIFE Yacht Week

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OUR Fleet

All our catamarans are premium segment yachts. It means that the catamarans are not older than 3-5 years, and includes all necessary facilities for comfortable leisure and accommodation.
Each cabin has a personal WC, AC, and modern lounge areas on the decks.

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