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Yacht Week Croatia: All You Need To Know

Are you someone who loves to take up new adventures in life? Take a few seconds and imagine yourself, with your friends, celebrating Yacht Week on the blue Adriatic sea of Croatia. Sounds good, right? Honestly, only the thought of this makes people go gaga. Having experience in taking tourists around the floating festival and ultra festival regularly, we will guide you about everything related to this yacht fest. Also, we will take you through the reasons you must sail to this place at least once.  

What is Yacht Week in Croatia?

The Yacht Week is a 7-day floating festival that involves night parties and several fun-filled activities. You spend the entire week on a yacht. It is a sailing voyage with over 50 boats packed with party animals and adventure lovers. It lasts for over four months (June to September) every year. The TYW destinations include six locations: Croatia, Greece, the Caribbean, Montenegro, Italy, and Grenada. In this article, we will mainly focus on what you can enjoy during Yacht Week in Croatia.

The concept is pretty simple: pay and sail. Every yacht accommodation has a capacity of 6-12 people. You can either fill the space with your friends or choose your crew on another yacht with a vacancy. While making bookings or buying tickets, you need to select the destinations and boat type (sailboat, catamaran, or full yacht). So, just pay in easy instalments or split the cost with your crew members and choose a package or build your own as per your preference. You can find the best yachts at the best prices while booking with us.

You can hire a skipper and a host via online mode for your convenience. Now, you’re probably wondering who these people are. So, a skipper is a certified professional who takes charge of your security and the upkeep of the yacht. A host is someone who cooks and serves you delicious meals. You will be thrilled to know that some professional photographers will also be onboard to capture the entire wonderful week. 

The minimum age requirement for being eligible is 20 years. Mostly the millennials and Gen-Z from worldwide visit Croatia Yacht Week. It is not a suitable place for romantic couples but a place for energetic, playful, and carefree people. 

Why Go to the Yacht Week in Croatia?

The simple answer is that it is fun and exciting! You get so many options to explore and enjoy. You are showered with several thrilling activities organized by the Yacht Week. If you plan to take a break from your monotonous life, the Yacht Week is the best thing to invest your time in. We bet this is going to be your best week ever. 

And the best part? You will get to meet hundreds of like-minded people worldwide; some of them may become your life-long friends. Choose a paradise of an experience with a week-long of parties, celebrations, and adventures that will leave you with some strong bonds.

Highlights of Yacht Week in Croatia: What’s Special?

We would say the entire week is going to be remarkable in itself. Right from the second, you start the journey, you will be on cloud nine. It will indeed be amusing. Since there will be some exciting activities and the best nightlife, you would not find even a second of boredom. 


Well, there are some great activities that you can participate in. You can try rock climbing and diving in the ocean. You can also try different water and rope games. There are some activities like Water Aerobics and Yoga. If you are a fitness geek, you will get a chance to perform daily yoga here.

You can rent scooters, cars, or jet skies and roam around the island villages. Fly boards and water jet boots are also borrowed for more fun. Some indoor games can also be played like ‘Never have I ever’. People play similar games with their yacht members; which become the most memorable moments. Apart from these activities, Yacht Week in Croatia is wildly popular for its organized parties. They will give you a taste of the traditional Croatian culture.


The Yacht Week via Croatia is the ultra festival route and blesses you with the best nightlife. Mark our words. The nights are mostly spent dancing and partying to loud music from the stereo speakers onboard. It is an amazing time to make new friends and enjoy the flow. 

I know it sounds great but how exactly can you join the bandwagon? Be mindful of booking the party tickets in advance, for these are sold pretty quickly. We bet you won’t get a better party atmosphere than this route. But if you are not a party animal, you should choose some other route.

Day Parties

Not just the ultimate nightlife, the Croatia route provides some of the best day parties as well. You will be dancing in the middle of a circle raft in front of floating international Djs. That becomes a part of your memory. Buzz boat and tunnel raft party is also a hit in the Yacht Week. 

Another day’s party where you can join the Carpe Diem Riviera Chic Party. Your Croatia voyage is incomplete if you do not attend this party. It has such a relaxed vibe and you won’t even realize when it ends. You can play “Play The Video” here. 

Another route that you should know about is the Final Regatta route. This route is popular for its race where the crew members also participate and race together. Extra fun activities are included in our routes for festival VIP passes with access to all exclusive events.    

Sailing Experience

Let us share one of the best experiences that you will be looking forward to. During your voyage via the Croatia original route, you will be accompanied by sailors, who have great experience in sailing. You might still need to hire a skipper to sail the yacht, though.

It is advised to avoid sailing on routes with day and night celebrations. The reason being is that you can not sail being hungover and will end up asking for help which may not be available in some instances. So, this is a safety precaution you need to take. It is best to hire a certified professional skipper and set sail to enjoy the week in a carefree way. 

What Will Your Trip Look Like?

The trip has a set route that it follows throughout the journey. Read to know how exactly does it work as your route will look somewhat similar to the one mentioned below: 

Day 1: Partying at Trogir 

Firstly, you should settle yourself. You will meet your fellow crew members and have your first meal. You will be able to look around at the beautiful architecture and capture the memories. Then, you can join the party as you move to Trogir. Enjoy your first evening on the voyage. 

Day 2: Fun Activities in Bol

Get excited and ready for some fun-filled activities waiting only for you. You can join yoga sessions or beach games as you head to the Golden Cape beach. You can also rent a vehicle and roam around the beach. Stay up for the night party at Club 585! 

Day 3: Visiting Vis 

You can take your scooters and ride through the hilly terrains. Enjoy sunset dinner at Fort George. Don’t forget; the night is still young! Attend the party at Dockside Disco. You can also enjoy the convertible exploring in Vis.

Day 4: Visiting The Beach At Hvar

You can explore the caves and islands and run across Palmizana. You can spend the rest of your day at Carpe Diem Beach and party all day and night.

Day 5: Relaxing At Hvar

Enjoy the day by exploring the stone streets. At night, hit the beach bar Hula Hula and enjoy the food, drinks and natural attractions while watching the sunset. 

Day 6: Stopping By At the Natural bay, Stari Grad

After the sailing, join the traditional yacht party style by rafting in a crowd. The night will be spent dancing and partying. You can also enjoy the popular Natural Bay lunch swims.

Day 7: The Final Day

The last day of the voyage should be spent the best way. Explore the unexplored. Click pictures with your new group. Dress elegantly for the Grand Finale, which will take place at an amazing venue. 

Traveler’s Experience in Yacht Week in Croatia

Coming to the Croatia original route, One is via the Croatia route, and the other is the Greece route. If you are a party person, you will enjoy the former more than the latter. Some sailors will accompany you during this time. The happiness and excitement are at the next level.

Each day is so carefree and exciting that you might forget about all your work for seven days. You will be making tons of friends throughout the journey, and build some special bonds as well. I would recommend you not to pack a lot of stuff with you since there is not much space for storage. It is one of those places that I would love to visit again and again. 

Traveller’s Experience in Yacht Week in Croatia: Final Words

If you would like to spend an unforgettable week, you must grab the tickets as soon as possible at the best prices. The Yacht Week brand and concept are worth the hype. So, gather your group and set sail to start your floating adventure and reach some beautiful and different destinations that will bring some wonderful moments.

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