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20-27 August
Saronic islands, Greece
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Yacht Week Seychelles

Envision yourself sailing aboard luxurious yachts and participating in island yacht hopping off the coast of the Seychelles archipelago. This is a once-in-a-lifetime holiday, and our team at One Life is thrilled to offer you an unrivaled opportunity to explore Seychelles’ coastlines on and even off the yacht.

After a seven-day adventure of floating, you discover beautiful corners of the globe. You will get to enjoy the rest of the nighttime with plenty of other travelers. You will also get your navigator and the ability to chart your course while you explore beautiful islands located in the region.

What Is Special About Yacht Week?

Yacht Week East Africa is a yachting celebration of East African tradition. After two days of touring on shore, you will practically live aboard a yacht. During this trip, you will visit the stunning East African beaches while immersing yourself in East African customs. You could spend your yacht accommodations with some other beautiful person. You may also have meals cooked for you, and sip your favorite cocktails while a chosen soundtrack plays in the backdrop.

Gather your gang, put on your swimsuit, deck out your yacht, then set sail for entertainment!

Food Prepared in Seychelles

Seychelles’ great food is complemented by a vast range of fresh fruits, much to the pleasure of health-conscious visitors and fruit connoisseurs. To list a few, almost every fruit is available here, including avocados, papaya, and native breadfruit. Specific menus even include calorie-friendly snacks like fresh fruit or sorbet. Vanilla, cinnamon, lemongrass, patchouli, and pepper are the spices that give the meal its distinctive Creole flavor. 

Ladob is one among those which can be served as a primary or dessert meal. In the dessert variation, ripe plantains and red potatoes are cooked in a shell. Then with coconut dairy, syrup, nutmeg, as well as vanilla till the fruit is mushy and the gravy is creamy. Do not forget to order your favorite drinks as well.

Activities to Do in Seychelles With Friends

There are a ton of activities that you can do in Seychelles. We will discuss the most exciting ones here. These activities include:

Swim Under the Rays of the Sun

At any of the fascinating beaches in Seychelles, you may stroll about, relax, get settled, swim, and surf while appreciating the captivating natural beauty. In Seychelles, many beaches provide a variety of exciting water activities such as snorkeling, waterskiing, jet skiing, and diving. The fun is doubled with sunny weather conditions.

Try Rock Climbing and Zip-Lining

In Seychelles, scaling the rock and zip-lining remain two of the most extreme activities. Climb the enormous granite slopes of Mahé, the premium resort, to test your strength. The excitement area at this Mahe resort provides several levels of rock climbing based on experience, as well as exhilarating zip-lining across the island’s lush tropical foliage.

Trekking for Some Spectacular Views

The trek over to the granite summit provides breathtaking views of the top island. Its gleaming white sandy beaches and the deep turquoise Indian Ocean are worth seeing. The Copolia Trail on southern Mahé island Atoll is a must-see for climbers and hikers visiting Seychelles.

Visit Paradise for a Bird’s Lover

UNESCO has designated Vallee de Mai as a World-Historic Site, as it is among Praslin Island’s must-see attractions. It’s among the few sites where you may see the Coco de Mer palm in its original state.

Let’s Hop Island 

Arrange an island-hopping trip if you’re still unsure where to go in Seychelles. Seychelles is indeed an atoll of 115 beautiful islands. Exploring the beautiful places located in the region is undoubtedly one of the most incredible activities to do here in Seychelles. Experiencing the lush greenery, diversity, mountainous regions, dazzling beaches and shorelines are all part of the atoll tours.

Stroll Around Mesmerizing Flora and Fauna

Morne Nature Reserve is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, as well as multiple interconnected paths ideal for adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts. Experiencing this location is a must-do activity in Seychelles.

Experience the Ancient Plantation

Among the most famous and best activities to see in Seychelles is to visit the vintage farming property of La Digue day. This age-old structure spans 300 hectares of farmland and has become a historic site that highlights East African culture and historical value.

Play Golf With a Terrific View

If you enjoy the gentlemen’s sport and possess the patience to play it, Seychelles will not disappoint you. Just on shore, you can select to play golf at two massive golf clubs. You can also stay in one of the club’s luxurious resorts.

How Will You Spend Your Vacation?

Here’s a breakdown of what your vacation will look like in Seychelles.

Day 1: Departure Home and Travel to Seychelles

Fly to Beau Vallon Beachfront, Seychelles, and check into your 5-star hotel accommodations. Then head over to the spa before meeting your companion guests for a welcome dinner. You can attend the after-celebration on a secluded island following your introductory dinner and meet other great people.

Take it easy. It’s just Day 1!

Day 2: All-White Day Celebration

Take in a town market visit. Visit while taking in the sights and shopping. Meet other people in Beau Vallon beach Seychelles for the All White Day Party and picture shoot.

Day 3: Sailing to Silhouette Island 

All hands on deck as you sail as well as snorkel in the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy a trek in a tropical woodland following snorkeling and yacht cruising.

Day 4: Diving and Fishing

Spend time at the beach with your other guests, fishing, and swimming.

Day 5: Party on Praslin

Enjoy a little fun at the beach while you unwind on the beachfront with the possibility of snorkeling before scheduled photo shoots as well as a celebration on Praslin.

Day 6: Gaming & Beach BBQ

Spend the day relaxing and exploring before traveling to YachtWeekEA parties by doing Sundown Beach Barbecue and Trivia Nights.

Day 7: Day of Bike Rides Also Can Be Called Stunt Day

Yacht and Mingle During YachtWeek, EA’s ‘Gimmick Day,’ jumps with the option of bike riding.

Day 8: Breath: You’re Aboard a Boat!

Rest for the time, Yacht Hop, or participate in your chosen events!

Day 9: Full Moon Party on Eden Island Day

Enjoy your final day on Eden Island at the YachtWeekEA party of Full Moonlight.

Day 10: Relax and Depart Home

Get up soon for brunch and reflect on your life-changing trip to Mother Africa. We’ll head to the airport after breakfast to catch your flight home. The breakfast includes a skipper and cook fuel.

People’s Experience in Seychelles 

Touring the Seychelles archipelago off the east coastline Of Africa via Yacht Week EA was enticing yet eye-opening. The whole trip brings about a change in the people from start to finish. Initially, the Indian Ocean, as well as Seychelles, were not on their itinerary as somewhere they needed to visit.

They explored Curieuse Island which has red-earthed slopes and ate organic coconut from the branches. People encountered coco de mer’s rich but aphrodisiacal presence, as well as Takamaka rum’s lovely tropical aroma. They would reminisce about simple pleasures like falling in love with something like a 100-year-old turtle.

Interesting Facts About Seychelles

Since you are planning to visit Seychelles, it’s important that you know about some special facts about Seychelles.

Precautions to Take on This Trip

Here is a list of precautions that we have curated based on the experience of various fellow travellers.

Yacht Week in Seychelles: Final Words

This is the initial floating celebration, The Yacht Week. Bright blue waters rich with sea creatures and beautiful, untouched beaches make Seychelles a delight. But this secluded island archipelago is much more than simply stunning beaches. 

Those of us who weren’t raised in major urban areas and were not introduced to monuments should consider visiting Seychelles. Those who browse travel blogs and web pages and desire they could “do it” should also go on and visit it. To go with an excellent service travel or group such as the One Life crew, do your research, explore, save, and join us.

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